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AC Repair in the Summer


Air conditioning repairs come in all shapes, sizes and costs! Every repair-replace scenario is unique to the unit and the expectations of the homeowner. If a repair is necessary, homeowners should decide their repair cost cutoff point. How expensive does an air conditioner repair need to be before it’s worth it to upgrade to a new system? The long-term utility bill savings of purchasing a higher efficiency air condition system may outweigh the price of a series of costly repairs.  However, if our HVAC contractor provides repair estimates that come close to your predetermined budget threshold, it may be best to start researching new air conditioner models. On the contrary, if the air conditioner problem is an easy, relatively inexpensive fix that restores peak efficiency, a repair may be the best approach. We provide professional AC Repair In Huntington, Northport, Plainview, East Northport, NY, and surrounding areas.

As the Temperature Rises, Ensure Your Air Conditioner is Ready to Keep You Comfortable Over the Summer. 

Problems with air conditioning always seem to come at the most inconvenient times. To avoid damage, it’s always a good idea to check if your air conditioning system is working correctly or not. 

Let’s look at some of Huntington, NY’s air conditioning repairs and services.

Common Signs of your air conditioner that needs repair

  • AC Blows Warm Air

What good is an air conditioner if it can’t keep your area cool in the summer? During the warmest months of the year, you’ll need an air conditioner to stay calm. However, if it fails to blow out pleasantly cool air and instead sends out heated air, your air conditioner desperately needs service. So please don’t put it off any longer; contact an HVAC professional for assistance.

  • Water Leaks

Leakage near your air conditioner is a symptom of your cooling system not working correctly. However, you may see water pouring from the HVAC system in certain circumstances, and ice may form inside your AC unit on the copper refrigerant pipes outside the condenser in others. In either case, this is a red flag that you should contact an HVAC professional and have the problem fixed as soon as possible. 

  • Frozen Coil

AC coils can freeze, posing a serious hazard to your home’s heating and cooling system. Lack of airflow, filthy air filters, refrigerant leaks, and other mechanical problems can cause AC coils to freeze. Extra moisture around your ac system, water leaking, or air conditioning emitting heated air are all signs of a frozen coil. Whatever the reason, the end effect is usually the same: your space will not cool, and your electricity bill will rise due to the frozen coil. 

  • Strange Sounds 

When an air conditioner starts up and shuts down, it makes low noise. On the other hand, loud, sudden, or strange noises could signal a severe cooling system failure. For example, rattling or buzzing sounds indicate a loose component, whereas whistling or grinding sounds imply something more serious. Because this type of problem rarely goes away on its own, a professional tune-up is required to avoid severe system damage.

  • Bad Smell

If your air conditioner smells terrible and like feet, you’re most certainly dealing with a filthy, clogged-up system. You’ll want to take care of the issue before it worsens. Fortunately, a quick diagnostic visit will reveal whether your air conditioner needs a tune-up and thorough cleaning or whether it requires a more sophisticated repair.

Aside from the indicators listed above, high humidity, insufficient ventilation, high electricity bills, or uneven cooling throughout the house may indicate that your air conditioner needs to be checked and repaired immediately. 


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