James M.

Mike and his team were the only ones of all the providers we spoke to that didn’t just come in, ask me about square footage and say yeah, you need a 5 ton and all will be good. He took the time to understand what had been installed previously and why it was incapable of providing consistent, even cooling across the house.

He spent hours coming up with a plan that would address the poor layout of the already existing high velocity system and what would need to be done to balance that system (fix someone else’s mistakes basically) through adding registers and re-configuring the number of registers in certain rooms. We have a Frankenstein of a split with a large addition and all of the rooms create quite a challenge for proper cooling. Again, every other contractor just wanted to replace what we had for $12K-$14K – meanwhile when the system was operating it was not sufficiently cooling the house. So, above I gave the price a B, but it is closer to a B+ or A-… there is incredible value to me in the time Mike spent to come up with the proper system and to make sure that the house would actually be cool in every single room vs. just slapping something new in there which is what every other contractor wanted to do. Yes, the cost was high, but we replaced a 5 ton system and added 2 ductless units AND it is balanced and the house is finally cool when it is freaking hot out!! They were even able to figure out how to bring heat (ductless units also can provide heat) to a previously unheated part of the house which was a bonus.

Danny and the rest of Mike’s team were great and we have been happy with the system thus far.

Bottom line is, the difficulty in cooling a place like ours needed someone who actually knows what they are doing, like Mike Kempf. You can pay less, for a jam it in job that some yahoo eyeballs or you can get it done right by these guys.

Massapequa Park, NY 11762