8 Reasons Why Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

When temperatures start to drop, homeowners increase the usage of  their heating systems to ensure warm and comfortable conditions indoors. If your heating unit suddenly stops working, this can be concerning. There are several reasons behind this which will be covered in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Reasons your heating system is not working.

There are many causes for this problem. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact us for heat pump installation in Huntington, NY, to know the exact reason and get it fixed.

While there are several potential causes for your heat pump or furnace not to be functioning, these are the most typical ones:

  • Thermostat issue

The thermostat should always be checked when the heater won’t turn on. Examine your circuit board to ensure it is generating power, and make sure the power is turned on. After that, again, ensure that the thermostat door is shut.

Additionally, if the door isn’t properly closed, a switch inside the door might turn off electricity to the appliance. If your thermostat is battery-powered, all you need to do is swap out the batteries. Make sure the plugs are not burned out if your appliance has them.

  • Ignitor or pilot light

A gas heater you own should have the pilot light illuminated. Turn off the gas settings valve within the appliance if the thermostat is powered and working, but the heat won’t turn on. After roughly five minutes, switch the device back on. Make sure the appliance is fuelled with gas. You should contact our furnace installation technician in Huntington, NY, to fix the issue if it happens and the ignitor is not working.

  • Ductwork problem

Sometimes, the ducting rather than your heater is the source of the issue. Your heater’s capacity to perform heating functions could easily be hampered if your duct is improperly installed or operating. Make sure your ductwork is up to standard and capable of keeping your home warm by having it inspected by a furnace installation expert in Huntington, NY.

  • Clogged air filters

Extremely dirty filters may entirely obstruct airflow. Make sure that all of the filters in your property are open and clear of blockages. Our furnace installation expert in Huntington, NY, can clean or replace HVAC filters as necessary.

  • Low refrigerant levels

The refrigerant level may become too low, which causes your heat strips to turn on more frequently than they should. This issue can be expensive because it frequently results in enormous utility costs. Recharging the refrigerant from the heat pump installation experts in Huntington, NY, and fixing leaks will take care of the issue and save you from having to replace your compressor.

  • Heat exchanger issue

Although heat exchanger issues are uncommon, you should have them fixed right away if they do arise, particularly if the exchanger is damaged. Since they may eventually affect your system’s effectiveness and, even worse, carbon monoxide may affect your health. Hire our heat pump installation specialist in Huntington, NY, to solve the issue.

  • Bad inducer draft motor

This little motor vents all gasses produced during the combustion phase of the furnace and cleans the heat exchanger of any gas left over from a previous cycle. The inducer motor may slowly wear out if it starts drawing large amps. When it becomes dirty, safety switches shut off the heater completely.

  • Circuit breaker malfunctioning

Your circuit breaker is the device that safeguards you by cutting off all current if your electrical current exceeds the circuit limit. This typically occurs if the circuit is overloaded with plugs or the wiring is outdated or damaged. To learn more about the situation, speak with our furnace installation expert in Huntington, NY.

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