Demitrios M.

It went great! The technician came out and within minutes had diagnosed the problem – a blown fuse at the blower. He quickly changed it and had the system up and running in no time. He mentioned that the gas was a bit low and added 2 lbs. of freon. The system is working great and I am so happy that I called Suffolk Systems. The tech was knowledgable and honest. Huge difference from my oil company tech that told me (2 years ago) the system would probably not last through the summer. Will definitely stick with Suffolk from now on. The only issue was that I had a 4pm appointment, but the technician did not arrive till after 9PM. This would have been a greater concern, but I was called at 4 and told that he was running very late and not to expect him until after 7. I was actually surprised when I received a call at 8:30 that he was on this way.

Northport, NY 11768