Diane S.

There are few professional, honest and thorough HVAC specialists. Suffolk Systems and all the folks I dealt with there were among those few out there.

Short version is they replaced the melted evaporator tray on my parents again HVAC system.

How did it happen? My elderly parents inadvertently melted the tray when they blocked off the air intake for the furnace and the unit overheated, roasting the plastic tray on top of it. The heat and AC both still work fine…It just leaked water from the tray when the AC mann. My parents called two service companies and both claimed the units were shot and to get a new one…. these other companies charged hundreds of dollars to “inspect” the unit and actually did nothing more than pull a cover off.

With Suffolk Systems it was VERY DIFFERENT. The first tech disassembled the furnace and evaporator covers…took a really good look at what was going on. It was very impressive and I hired them on the spot. You could tell he cared about his work and liked to do the troubleshooting and problem solving that comes with being a technician. After the part was ordered, the two techs that came to do the repair came in and right down to business. The repair work was done right, the guys were extremely competent and the price was very fair. I haven’t ever seen a proper HVAC technician in my life until these guys came by. Can’t say enough good things.

East Northport, NY 11731