Geralyn R.

Suffolk Systems employee’s , Dan & Matt, were punctual and professional. Dan diagnosed the problem as being a circuit board in the compressor. The board needed to be replaced. It took a few days for the part to come in and was promptly replaced. The A/C still wasn’t cooling efficiently, so Suffolk Systems sent Matt to check it out. This appointment took place on A Sunday! Matt discovered that that the system was low on Freon. The compressor and handler areas were checked for leaks. None was found. He added freon and now the system seems to be cooling efficiently. If the system continues to lose Freon a more thorough check for leaks would be necessary. I was not charged for the Sunday service appointment, just the Freon.

All work was handled efficiently and professionally. I was very happy with the company and know that they will stand behind their work.

Commack, NY 11725